The New Users of Facebook Essay

The New Users of Facebook Essay

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Facebook was originally designed by Mark Zuckerburg as a way for teenagers and young adults to network with each other. Over the years new uses of Facebook have emerged. Facebook is no longer a site that young adults use to make new friends and gossip about their old ones. Facebook has acquired a new demographic of users and has become accepted with older adults because of the opportunities Facebook can create. The use of Facebook has become increasingly popular with non-profit groups, political organizations, lawyers, and businesses because of the opportunity to network with users, organize meetings, and research new hires.
Non-profit groups are beginning to use Facebook because they can reach more people networking online than on the streets talking to one or two people at a time. According to Stephen Dubner (2008), “students were using Facebook to increase the size of their social network, and therefore their access to more information and diverse perspectives” (Argument! para. 5). Perhaps non-profit groups are realizing Facebook will increase the amount of people they can reach.
Facebook is growing every day. Jessi Hempel (2009), stated that Facebook said it was “growing at the astounding rate of about five million new users a week” (p. 1). With such a high growth rate non-profit groups could potentially reach five million new people a day. This would not be feasible without the use of Facebook.
If non-profit groups continue to use Facebook as a means to diversify their social network they will continue to grow and prosper. For example, if an organization like The Red Cross starts a group on Facebook they could target one kind of demographic like young adults. The Red Cross could search Facebook for users that are 18-...

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