Essay on The New Testament

Essay on The New Testament

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Over four hundred years passed between the story of the Old Testament and the story of the New Testament. During this time the Greek and the Roman empires emerged as the world powers. Romans had conquered Jerusalem and the Judaism religious practices had changed as well. The synagogue was their place of worship and played a prominent role in their Sabbath observances. Rabbis were teachers of the Jewish religion and focused on the Torah, the Old Testament Pentateuch (Duvall, Hayes, 2012).
In the beginning of the New Testament the angel Gabriel’s conception announcement breaks God’s silence with the introduction of key characters, John, who paved the way for Jesus Christ and was born to Elizabeth and then Jesus, the Messiah, who was born to Mary, a virgin. Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph when Gabriel told her she was pregnant; therefore, Joseph intended to divorce her but God intervened in a dream and stopped him. Joseph was of the royal line of King David therefore his marriage to Mary fulfilled the Davidic covenant that a descendant of David’s will rule the kingdom of God forever. Jesus’ birth and childhood carried out the theme of humble beginnings for the Christ. Likewise John also lived a humble life in the wilderness eating locusts and honey. John reestablished the theme of the need for all to repent. As John prepared the way for Jesus, he taught repentance, baptized with water those who repented and preached about the Messiah who would baptize with the Holy Spirit (Duvall, Hayes, 2012).
Jesus was empowered by God for his ministry when he was baptized by John. As Jesus emerged from the water the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit anointed Jesus. God spoke acknowledging and praising Jesus, “This is my Son, whom I lov...

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.... The Apostle John wrote Revelations after receiving a vision. Revelations can be difficult to understand due to the many uses of symbolisms throughout the story. Revelations has three major themes. The first theme is hope. Revelations reminds every one of the promise God will destroy evil and defeat death. The second theme of Revelations is persecution. Although believers will not feel the wrath of God, they may face times of trial, persecution and even death as a result of their convictions. The third theme of Revelations is God’s people are still in Satan’s territory and need to overcome his grasp daily by relying on God and following Jesus’s teachings. The Bible ends with God’s covenant He will destroy evil and death to recreate his creation and live among his people in a new heaven. The consummation will be complete when Jesus comes again. (Duvall, Hayes, 2012).

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