The New Testament Of The Christian Bible Essay

The New Testament Of The Christian Bible Essay

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In the New Testament of the Christian Bible lies the four famous gospels, respectively Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On the surface all these gospels tell the same story of Jesus Christ and his ministry; at a closer look, however, the gospels are four distinct texts that narrate diverse accounts of who Jesus was and explicitly illustrates how the authors of the gospels understood him as a person. Mark and John specifically have drastically contrasting, if not conflicting, narrations of the nature of Jesus. The Christology—the way in which Jesus is evaluated and expressed in terms of titles, functions and his relation to God—exhibited in Mark paints an image of adoptionism, which views Jesus as more of a human than God like, whereas John who rewrites Mark, erases the adoptionism plot. Mark and John tell the story of Jesus Christ; in both accounts, the authors have different agendas to extend to the audience, hence their Christology differs, which is very evident in the manner in which Jesus is introduced in these two gospels.
The beginning of every story; in this case, Mark and John, is crucial in understanding the nature of Jesus according to the author. Mark chooses to open his book by having John the Baptist prepare the way for Jesus as he states “After me will come one more powerful than I…I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit” (Mark 1:7-8). These are the last words before Jesus is introduced in the story as an adult who gets baptized by John the Baptist. As an author, Mark makes a decision not to narrate any of Jesus’ birth stories or his history prior to being baptized as Murphy also notes in his book An Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels (Murphy 90). Not only does Mark leave out any stori...

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...t major point in his plot is missing in John, alluding to the view that Jesus had always been the son of God since the beginning of time(John 1:1). In a sense, one could argue then that John does infact include Jesus’ birth story or his history when he writes about the Word and the beginning.
Before concluding, another point can be made to clarify where Mark’s christology differs from John’s. In the introduction to his gospel, after Jesus is baptised Mark brings up again the idea of the Holy Spirit.
Examining only the introductions of these gospels does not fully give the account of who Jesus was and he did on his time on Earth. What this does, however, is summarize the most important point which is understanding God’s relationship to Jesus and how that affected his identity. Going further into the gospels would further prove the claims made in the introductions.

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