The New Testament: Mythology, Truth and the Message Essay

The New Testament: Mythology, Truth and the Message Essay

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Notably, Bultmann’s approach is less as a debunker and more as an interpreter: his idea of the NT is a kind of pure theology written in the poetry of narrative. Therefore, the narrative elements are not important they are means of expressing a theological insight born of an encounter with God. Particularly, Jesus’ the death and resurrection are not two separate events, or two halves of one event. Christ simultaneously is crucified and God resurrects him to conquer death, is a singular event. As a result, the act of proclaiming Christ transcendence of the fallen world results in the person experiencing an encounter and relationship with Christ. Therefore, faith is an act of trust in this encounter and Christ's resurrection is an ongoing activity within the kerygma, and historical "facts" become irrelevant. Bultmann is criticized of denying the actual resurrection; perhaps it may be more accurate to say he redefines it.
Above all, faith is the crux of Bultmann’s of the thesis and followers of Christianity. Hence, the core of devotion for all Christians is Jesus suffers death by crucifixion in order to redeem mankind. More importantly, he conquers death after God resurrects him on the third day. Specifically, it is the spirit which is redeemed not so much the physical body. Granted, because of the fall of Adam all suffer physical death; man’s spirit is preserved thru faith in Jesus.
However, Bultmann’s main concern is the NT no longer is viable in the modern world. Namely, with the advent of modern science, technology, renewed understanding of nature and the universe modern man can no longer digest concepts in the Bible. In other words, the idea of heaven in the sky or hell beneath the earth seems ridiculous. Equally,...

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...tion of Christianity as Paul notes in writings. In spite of this, we have yet another disagreement among the authors. James, states that faith alone is not enough, additionally, good works in accordance to faith is essential. For this reason, Bultmann’s suggestion of reducing the NT and reinterpreting the kerygma may hold credence. As a result, this allows man to have an experience in Christ and a relationship. Lastly, Bultmann does not have any interest in the historical Jesus. For the reason, there really is no way to explain the person ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ other than the historical fact that he is crucified.

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