Essay about New Technology And College Courses

Essay about New Technology And College Courses

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New Technology and College Courses
Does the use of iPads in the classroom really improve learning outcomes? An iPad is a popular touch screen tablet computer that can be taken just about anywhere. The majority of the American population has jumped on board and are using devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, and iPads. According to a recent report by Educause, the use of mobile technology by college students has increased dramatically. In 2005 there were approximately 1% of students using these devices, but in 2010 that percentage jumped to a whopping 62.7% (Rossing). Such advancements in technology has placed communication, reading, and learning at our fingertips. In different areas of education, iPads are being used more and more as teaching tools in the classroom. Teachers can also keep the students who have to be absent engaged with the class by posting everything they need in one place. Different courses in education can utilize this new technology such as math, science, and writing just to name a few. The incorporation of iPads in the CMU writing courses would improve educational experiences by allowing smoother communication, paperless reading and annotations, and supplying numerous resources.
January 2010, Apple Inc. unveiled the iPad in hopes that it would help students absorb the different education materials presented in the K-12 grade levels (Kennedy). Different states across America such as Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania were among the first to incorporate iPads into the classroom (Kennedy). The iPad has infiltrated many different teachers style of instructing their students in the classroom. Since the iPad is extremely mobile due to its light weight and convenient size, st...

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...everal different courses for a more efficient educational experience. Overall, using the iPad in college courses has been shown to improve the communication process that takes place between students to students and students to teachers. Appropriate communication allows students to retain knowledge and skills being taught. The iPad also helps students be more organized by allowing them to experience paperless reading through eBooks and utilize the annotation features available. The iPad also adds to the student’s educational experience by having a multitude of resources at their fingertips such as email and the schools virtual learning system. The educational experience by the CMU students would be improved by incorporating the use of iPads in writing courses by allowing smoother communication, paperless reading and annotations, and delivering numerous resources.

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