New Station Location for Excelsior Springs Fire Department Essay

New Station Location for Excelsior Springs Fire Department Essay

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Why is there such a need for a new fire station in the City of Excelsior Springs and where would be the best location for the new station or stations? These are 2 very important and essential questions in determining how efficient the Excelsior Springs Fire Department currently is compared to how efficient it has the potential to be. In determining the answers to these vital questions, there was an abundance of research done in lots of different areas. The fire department was looked at, analyzed, and compared to similar departments nearby. The city was researched to find the current risks, and also the future risks and demands of the city. Coverage and response standards were looked into. Also, current response times were analyzed. After finding and analyzing all the information and data, it will be determined whether or not there should be additional fire stations in the City of Excelsior Springs and where they should be located.
The Excelsior Springs Fire Department is a municipal fire department that is organized to provide fire and emergency medical services for the preservation of life and property to the city of Excelsior Springs and also parts of the surrounding areas outside of the city limits. The duties of the fire department include fire suppression, advanced life support ambulances, hazardous materials mitigation, rescue, fire safety inspections, and public safety education among others. There are 41 total employees. There is the chief, one deputy chief, one administrative assistant, 3 assistant chiefs, 3 captains, 12 firefighter emt basics or firefighter paramedics, and 20 paid volunteers/ volunteers. The department consists of 3 pumpers, 1 quint, 3 ambulances, 2 brush trucks, and 2 chief vehicles.
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