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The New Standard Time
Changing the time of the clocks twice a year has become an antiquated chore that requires millions of people to set their clocks forward one hour in the spring and back one hour in the fall. Though there may be slight adjustments that are made from time to time, Standard Time is practiced 1/3 of the year from early November until mid-March, and Daylight Saving Time is practiced 2/3 of the year from mid-March until early November. When Daylight Saving Time starts in March, it creates long evening hours for the summer time, which creates more daylight for outdoor activities that people like to enjoy. When the clocks change back to Standard Time in November, the school children will not wait at the bus stop in the dark during early morning hours; unfortunately, the darkness begins earlier in the evening, and most people are left to drive home from work in the dark. Daylight Saving Time was created as a means to conserve energy dating all the way back to World War I. Since Daylight Saving Time is practiced the majority of the year then it should be set as the new Standard Time because changing the clocks as small as one hour either way has shown an increase in health-related issues, an increase in traffic accidents, and provides little evidence that it conserves energy.
The switch between Daylight Saving Time and Standard Time can cause a negative effect on one’s health. When the clocks are set forward in the spring, causing an hour loss of sleep, this creates a disruption in the human circadian rhythm—the human internal time clock. According to Lorenzo Tonetti, a professor in General Psychology, Psycobiology, and Psycometrics, “The human circadian system more easily adjusts to a phase delay (autumn change) than...

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... the year? The United States already uses Daylight Saving Time the majority of the year, therefore, should this not be the standard? People tend to get excited about the additional hour of rest when the time changes back to Standard Time in the fall, but dread the hour loss when the time changes back to Daylight Saving Time in the spring. The purpose of changing the time was to save energy, but the studies are mixed on this subject. However, there is evidence that changing the time between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time creates negative health-related issues and a negative impact on drivers causing traffic-related accidents. Making people change the time twice a year, is not living up to its original intention of “saving energy.” Given these points, Daylight Saving Time should become the only time we observe; therefore, it should become the new Standard Time.

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