New Stadium And New York Yankees Essay

New Stadium And New York Yankees Essay

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Discussion of new stadium as owner of the New York Yankees and where the building will be, how the facility can increase revenues by installing more seats or having fewer seats to create more demand, and how I 'd make this facility more fan friendly.
Discussion of free agents, coach, trades, draft, farm system, and innovative ideas I 'd have as new General Manager for the New York Yankees. in this discussion, a three year plan will be addressed as to how I 'd attempt to elevate the enjoyment of the sport while hopefully implementing a successful program in which could get us to win a championship.
New York Yankees on the business of baseball and how the value of the franchise has changed in value, why I think it 's changed, how revenues have changed over the years, and changes in player expenses over the year and whether or not a larger payroll helps the team win more games. An idea of how I 'd promote the team on a global basis so the owner can create more fan interest and make more money will also be talked about in the text.
Apportionment of savings, investments, and discretionary spendings and the appropriate percentages for a sports agent to recommend and why and how to approach a skeptical client who doesn 't think the sports agents markups are up to par. This section will also go into depth with some of the existing marketing deals LeBron James now has in addition to which companies I believe would be synchronize with James ' quo and the social class that will benefit the most from this products. I will also discuss whether or not Lebron James should have started his own shoe company.
Discussion of the drug testing (PED 's) policy of the league the NY Yankees compete in, my opinion of this policy, the p...

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...eague Baseball Managers of all time. I 'd try to trade a big asset like Alex Rodriguez in exhange for about 3 players, two of them being Asdrubal Cabrera of the Washington National who had 14 homeruns this year and averaged .241. Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers is an amazing designated hitter who has hit the long ball 32 times this year, and driving in 103 runs. A young talent like Victor would inspire all the little league players out there who dream of having his swing and hitting power. In the draft, I 'd attempt to acquire the players by makiing personal appearances and making them feel important enough to want to join the New York Yankees in Coney Island. I 'd be swapping players in and out of the farm system, to remind them their jobs could always be replaced and they have to work very hard, train, and play 110% whether the team is down 10 runs or up 5.

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