The New Source of Renewable Energy Essay

The New Source of Renewable Energy Essay

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According to oxford dictionary, there are 3 meaning of energy. One of the energy meanings is power utilized from physical or chemical resources to move machine or provide light and heat. While the renewable energy meaning is energy from a source that did not depleted when used. Mostly, it is an energy came from nature which can be restore to normal level or condition at human timescale such as sun, wind and rain. There are many source of energy in the world. But the world mainly consume on non-renewable energy. The energy commonly uses to generate electricity or run vehicle. As stated in BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013, the world’s energy consume from renewable energy source is only 8.6%. But now many developed country in the world have set their vision to make green world. The vision make the country try to change the power generation by using oil or nuclear to greener technology. New technology to generate electric from renewable energy help make renewable energy as new source of energy with more efficient, clean, safe and cheap. It is compliant with the vision.
The new source of renewable energy is solar thermal. Solar thermal is using heat from the sun to generate electric energy. The other name of solar thermal energy is concentrated solar power (CSP). The method of electric generation is by uses mirror to focus sunlight to a medium. Then the medium transfer heat to boiler. The heat is used to change water into steam and the steam rotate turbine. Rotating turbine will rotate generator and generate electric. The prove show solar thermal is new source of energy is in year 2011, it is about 17.54 gigawatts (GW) of power in progress to build around the world. From the 17.54 GW, 8.67 GW is in United State, 4.46 GW ...

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...ces which are clean, cheap and available after improving the old technology and research the renewable energy.
Many countries in the world are on going to set a vision to have green energy in country. The vision make renewable energy is the best choice to have green energy. So the country has chose solar thermal and bio energy as their new source of energy. It is shown in their target to achieve and the ongoing development of power plant to get the energy. While infrared in really new source of energy because just publish the infrared harvest to create energy.
a. Sun, wind and rain is old source of renewable energy.
b. The new technologies make the renewable energy become new source of energy to generate electric.
c. The number of power plant use renewable energy increases in the last few year.

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