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New Social Movements Of Today Essay

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When looking at new social movements of today, there is not a newness to them, just a different set of claims, making it more so an evolution with a focus on quality of life. Structurally speaking, social movements are the same, there are claim receivers and claim makers that are attempting to change some part of society. Logically, claim receivers and claim makers will change as the times and needs of claim makers change, especially when social movements are successful. Fundamentally, there has been no change in social movements. All social movements, new and old have to deal with the quality of life and the perception to make it greater, this can be done economically or through the availability of rights. It seems as though social movements throughout time follow a pattern, there is a realization of grievances, claims made, either an acceptance or stopping of the social movement by those in power, the acceptance of that reality by claim makers, down time to either find new grievances or another attempt to fix past grievances, then the cycle begins again. The newness of contemporary movements has simply mistaken an early phase of movement development for a new historical stage of collective action. (Nelson 1992) Fundamentally, social movements are still about the quality of life.
Just because a postindustrial society calls for different claims, does not mean there is a uniqueness or a new trend in social movements, just an evolution or a growth that I consistent with the change in times. The argument that “contemporary social movements represent a fundamental break from industrial area movements due to the change from an economic redistribution focus to that of quality of life and life style concerns” (Nelson 1992) is rather we...

... middle of paper ... ideologies capitalize on.
Overall, there has not been a fundamental change in social movements. Inherent in every social movement is a call for a greater quality of life. Industrial movements did so through economic avenues, postindustrial movements do it through rights oriented or moral avenues. Arguably, the only fundamentally different types of social movements are those that attempt to take away from a group of people. For instance, separate but equal was proved as wrong and integration occurred. Some white supremacy movements call for segregation or the removal of rights, which fundamentally are different from movements, however, the perception of individuals within the movement might be that they are gaining the right to be separate. However, overall these movements appear in tandem with left wing movements so does that make them fundamentally different.

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