The New Side of the News Media Essay

The New Side of the News Media Essay

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“Everything is known not according to itself, but according to the capacity of the knower”- Boethius. News reporters know everything about an issue and have many ways to present their information to the public. People do not realize their opinions are influenced through the media’s reportings, since no one has warned them. These reporters are often called “the fourth branch of government”(Gabbs) because of their actions. The media is responsible for conveying opinions through their reports, which does not allow the individual to analyze a situation to form their own opinions; therefore they are detrimental to the American society.
Many news sources include their opinions through a simple technique of fabricating stories. Most news stories are created on the side to fill up time, and that increases the chance to produce a hyperbolic report. Mrs. Sherman and Mr.Peabody lucidly explain a secret supply and demand problem in the media. There is an enormous demand for up to date news, but a scarce supply of current news; and to fill this gap, the media creates news. Recently, a plane from the Malaysian Airlines went missing (Flight 370) and CNN and Fox News crossed the limits by talking about illogical theories made by bloggers about where the plane might be. People who already specialize in that field of work had better
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equipment than the media, the media’s job was not to figure out where the plane was but to report the progresses made to find the plane. The problem that eventually occurs is when people can not realise the gravity of an issue because of how much has been created. When someone repeatedly announces a current news too many times, the situation starts to lose value. Another problem with creating news is th...

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