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The New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme Essay example

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China has a highly decentralized health care system that is supervised by the Ministry of Health which is responsible for things such as designing national health law, budget allocation and planning. With 95% of the population insured and 35.5% of health expenditures out of pocket China has achieved universal health coverage that involves a wide scope of health services covered (Eggleston, 2012). To achieve this China uses extensive insurance programs and a three-tier hospital delivery system.
China has three main health insurance programs, each aimed at a certain group. The New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) is a voluntary program for rural residents that pay a small premium. Specifics differ widely as local governments have control over its implementation, but there are two main models used (Barber & Yao, 2010). The first has a formula based reimbursements for inpatient services along with a Medical Savings Account (MSA) for reimbursement of outpatient services and preventive care. Each household is expected to contribute to their own MSA used for their outpatient services. The second main model is identical, but contains no MSA.
The next program Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance (UEBMI) targets employees in urban areas. The central government has fixed the annual premium for UEBMI at 8% of payroll, employers pay 6% while employees pay the remaining 2%. The employees share and 30% of the employers are contributing to a medical savings fund with the remaining amount go into a pooled account. While the 8% remains fixed the provincial governments control the insurance plan however the plate model has arisen as the most common (Barber & Yao, 2010). The plate model has the pooled funds covering inpatient and catastrop...

... middle of paper ... for those uninsured. There is no formal referral system in this system. It provides care through different types of facilities; Integrated hospitals are small about 20 to 60 beds, they are responsible for providing primary and specialized care in rural areas. District hospitals are larger and can be found in every urban community their task is to provide more specialized care. The largest general is the general hospital and contain all medical specialties and there is one in every capital of a governorate. Lastly, specialty hospitals are located in urban areas.
In addition, Teaching Hospitals and Institutions provide tertiary care for those unemployed along with HIO and private patients. Other ministries within the government have medical facilities that provide for their employees such as the Ministry of Transport provides free care to their railway employees.

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