The New Republic Was A Stable Political System Essay

The New Republic Was A Stable Political System Essay

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The most significant issue facing the new republic was a stable political system. The first system was the Articles of Confederation which allow the individual states to have more power and limited the power of the federal government. For example, the federal government could not enforce laws or regulate taxes. Thus, creating more problems with foreign countries and the states. Massachusetts inflated taxes which led farmers to be penniless and forced to sell their land and animal. This led farmers to rebel against the government which was known as Shay 's Rebellion. A bunch of educated, well-off, high class decided to change the Articles. They were considered Founding Fathers.
The founding fathers were afraid of the government having excessive power, and it would be another monarchy like Britain. Additionally, unequal power between the state and the federal government would create more problems in the long run. They wanted a government that would protect the rights of the people. They had different opinions about who should have power and how to create a stable government for the long run.
Another significant issue that was brought up during the simulation was slavery and representation. The two plans were introduced-Virginia plan and New Jersey plan which were bias. The Virginia plan wanted representation to be based on the population of each state and the New Jersey plan wanted an equal representation for each state. The larger states agree to the Virginia plan and the smaller states, which fear losing power in the national government oppose it. For example, many of the proposals were about the numbers of representative each state should have and if the slaves should be counted with the population.
The issue of how slaves...

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... no desire to abolish slavery during the Constitutional convention and focus more on creating a more unified union. Some delegates were afraid that focusing on slavery would cause the unification process to fall apart. Therefore, they disregarded slavery. They created the three-fifths compromise, which says how slaves would be counted within the estates. This was important to the Southern states because they would have a smaller number of representatives.
However, during the simulation, it was successful in getting other delegates to agree to one thing but not to another. For example, New York wanted to abolish slavery while the larger states did not. When we went around to talk to other delegates, each delegate had different ideas and it contradicted when we went around to other groups. However, we failed in achieving a compromise that majority of us would agree on.

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