The New Public Opinion On Police Officers Essay

The New Public Opinion On Police Officers Essay

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The New Public Opinion on Police Officers

Police officers have the responsibility to protect the lives of all Americans. Whether it be a small town a large city or the United States as a whole, police officers are there to protect civilians and to ensure that those who break the law are brought to Justice. However, not so recently, police officer’s authority has been put into question. There are those who believe that police officers abuse their authority and often take matters too far.

Within the last year an anti police organization that has become fed up with police officer involvement has become one of the biggest topics in our nation. This organization has on many occasions threatened the lives of police officers as well as taking violent action towards police officers. Can all of this possibly be blamed by the impact of social media postings of police officer civilian interaction. Not only that but could social media on its own could be responsible for the bad reputation that has been constantly rising over the past couple years. In regards to all members of United States law enforcement, has social media had a negative effect on their professional as well as their personal lives?

With cameras being on everyone 's phone, civilians have taken it upon themselves to record as well as persecute police officers who have, in their mind have pushed the boundaries of their job description. These recordings go viral in a matter of days. More and more videos are being seen due to viral social media and are causing the opinions of civilians to become more and more prominent. With this being the case, are police officers becoming intimidated or scared to do their jobs out of fear of being seen as bad cops and poten...

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...From the moment a police officer put on his uniform he is there to protect everyone. He knows the risks he faces and he put his life on the line every day for all of us. Up until recently, all viral videos of police interaction with civilians has been negative showing only the bad side of police officers. Yes there are bad police officers, but that does not mean that there aren 't good ones in fact there are many.

Social media needs to stop being used to persecute police officers, instead honor them for their service and for the sacrifices they make every day for us. Social media has made it even more dangerous for police officers to do their job and has also made it more dangerous for us because the more police officers we lose the less safe we are. We as a people need to stop driving away those who have the courage to protect us from those who would do us harm

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