New Products Into The Home Appliance Market Essay

New Products Into The Home Appliance Market Essay

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This report contains Marketing strategies and plan, conducted on behalf of GM Holden Ltd. Holden is current looking to introduce new products into the home appliance market. This product is a refrigerator, which will be branded as Holden (Scenario created for the purpose of this assignment). A SWOT analysis conducted had shown a clear summary that Holden has a high strength in its being an Australian brand which manufacture in Australia, as Australian consumers are always looking to support Australian brands. On the other hand, Holden’s key weakness is that it has such a large employment base but none of them has experienced or been trained in developing or manufacturing refrigerators. Although Holden still has a an opportunity in the market as the brand has been a noticeable consumer choice attitude for “greener” sourced products, if the refrigerator are manufactured environmentally friendly, it could act as an opportunity to attracts more consumers towards the brand and the new product.

All research information is vital as it could assist Holden as a company to move forward with its new product and able to compete with in the market. This report will extensively manifest marketing mix strategies alongside with action plan and control plan in order to assist Holden GM Ltd launch its new refrigerator, and assist the product to compete and dominate the refrigerator house appliances market.
Revenue & Profit
Holden is expected to have total revenue of $3 million dollars by the end of its first year of introducing the refrigerator, also with the profit margin of 52% out of the total revenue.

Holden’s cost objective is to be spending more on cost of manufacturing and materials, while lowering the cost of distributing the p...

... middle of paper ...

... light grey, dark grey and black. The interior design will be white with evenly spaced out shelves that will provide consumers to be able to store all type of food in without it appearing congested, instead it will be evenly distributed so that it is more convenience for consumers to be reaching to their food without having to go through them as Holden’s are trying to lessen the congestion of the refrigerator.

Brand Name
Holden will be placing its brand logo without its brand name on the right hand side of the refrigerator, as to also assist consumers in remembering the name “Holden” by just recognizing its logo. Holden will still continue to use Holden as its brand name into launching this new product, as Holden’s name is well-recognized within Australia, there is no point into introducing a new brand into the market, when there is already a well-recognized one.

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