New Product Proposal for BOP Market Essay

New Product Proposal for BOP Market Essay

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The product is a nutrient supplement curd called ‘Nutri Curd’ for the BOP market, specifically Uttar Pradesh.

• Nutri Curd is high in Vitamin A and Iodine as a large per cent of the population in Uttar Pradesh, specifically Meerut has displayed deficiency in children and adults.
• Curd will be sold in PP Cups, which are easy to use and dispose.
• Nutri Curd will be sold in cups of 50gms at a cost of Rs.7. This eradicates the absence of refrigerators as 50gms can be consumed at one go.
• Nutri Curd is also available in poly packs of 200gms at Rs. 22, which can be stored and preserved for 15 days. This variant of the product is designed for middle class families owning refrigerators making storage easy.
• Different flavour variants are also available at the price of Rs.9 for cups and Rs. 25 for poly packs, these being Strawberry, Mango, Banana and Pistachio.


• Nutri Curd is prepared from purest, freshest pasteurized milk and it is free from added sugar.
• Nutri Curd is prepared from certified and selected bacterial culture which gives excellent curd.
• Nutri Curd is hygienically processed and packed in a reusable plastic tub as well as convenient pouch and thus free from possible adulteration.
• Nutri Curd is high on nutrition and taste.
• Thick, creamy Nutri Curd has a rich, glossy texture. Food tastes even more delicious at the snap of your fingers.
• The live micro-flora in Nutri Curd helps the digestive system and enhances the immune system's ability to fight harmful organisms. It improves the body's natural defences and helps keep the body functioning at its best.
• Nutri Curd having a probiotic nature contains live bacterial culture which increases milk digestibility, quickens recovery from ...

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...d during these camps.

• Hoardings in major parts of Meerut will be put up. These hoardings will display the deficiency of iodine and Vitamin A specifically.

• Schools in Uttar Pradesh will be targeted as well. Awareness campaigns will be initiated in order to create a population for Nutri Curd. Free flavoured samples will also be distributed so as to create a liking.

• Celebrity endorsement can be adopted as well by picking a well-known figure who can communicate the need for Nutri Curd.

• Free tasting campaigns can be set up in malls and local areas. This method will not only generate crowd and attention but will also provide a base to conduct surveys to deduce a number of people with Iodine or Vitamin A deficiencies.

• Pamphlets will be distributed in the cities of Uttar Pradesh specifically outside local shops, schools, cinema theatres, etc.

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