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Postmedia News released an article named "A Tribe Called Red Bring Culture, Politics to Club Music" in November 5, 2012 by a Stuart Derdeyn. The article presents a view into the underground world of "Pow Wow Step", which is a recently new trend in genre due to the popularity of electronic music .This recent genre is presented by a group named in the title, A Tribe Called Red (or ATCR) are involved in the intricacy of traditional views of Native culture and contemporary views, which incorporates both of these elements by having the perspective of the concept that culture has to evolve with the change that we have in our modern era.
The group approaches their music with the intent to blend their cultures, there is no "'either/or' that asks people to choose between culture and politics ." They utilize both "modern dance [with the blend of] traditional drum beats .” The group goes out of their way to work with others and form a compilation of music that combines attributes of their music. The group demonstrates the ease at which their music was produced, by noting that both types of music are compatible, they are both "dance and dance" oriented. The music gives an implication of "both/and" rather than "either/or" when they explain that their music is a "two way street" as mention by group member Ian Campeau (or stage name: DJ NDN), people who know traditional music can be introduced to electronic, and those who know electronic to traditional. Since electronic music is so broad in its definition, it can be proved that these types of blend do introduce many types of individuals to a different culture. It's evident in groups from foreign countries, especially Europe and Asia, who have music that appear here in North America and we are...

... middle of paper ... culture that counteracts stereotypical views of natives; the group even released a public statement declaring that their "non-native fans" refrain from wearing "red face [and] headdresses" to their shows . The group is establishing the alternative way of thinking about native culture.
Examining a change is culture is quite fascinating, especially to see in the form of music. A Tribe Called Red is defiantly doing something great for the culture that surrounds them. The nature of modern native culture is quite complex, but through analysis can be understood. I would deem A Tribe Called Red authentic; they have their intent stated, their music unique, and the markers of their heritage to make a blend as well as training in electronic music. The evolution of our culture is occurring and this type of music is ATCR's culture now, and to the many who have heard them.

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