The New Perspective: Reading Literature Allegorically Essay

The New Perspective: Reading Literature Allegorically Essay

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You know, I thought I had a firm grasp on the guilt that I have felt over the last three years, but it turns out there is more to it. In my last essay, I confronted my guilt in a more spiritual sense I think, but this time around I feel like there is an even more tangible lesson to learn and it can ultimately affect how I am as a person in the future. I remember reading stories like Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia as they were – just stories of wizards with the ability to make things float or disappear and with worlds that are simply just a wardrobe away. However, I never imagined that under all that magic it could be interpreted to be so much more – that this young wizard and his world or the journey that the Pevensie’s go on could be used to teach lessons. We’ve been reading all our stories allegorically rather than literally and I have found that to be very fascinating because it gives the stories even more worth to them. So with this essay, I will look back to my midterm paper at the decision I made to cause my guilt and determine this: what lessons can I learn from it? First though, I must look at what it means to read literature allegorically rather than literally.
From what we have been discussing in class, I have come to the conclusion that to read the stories allegorically is to go beyond just what is written on the paper, to know that what is happening at that moment is not what you should be taking away, but rather to see that it as another way of interpreting a lesson that they want you to understand. For example, take a look at Augustine. I feel he was able to execute the ability to read allegorically really well in his Confessions. Like many people before and after him, Augustine sought for comple...

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... views of the society to an extent - we no longer think that social interactions with our families are important but rather the need to be ahead of other students, to do well in school so we can do well in society is more important. I was always taught the values of a collectivistic society where we emphasize support for one another rather than the views on the individual. Sadly, I strayed from those ideals and only thought of myself despite the needs of those important to me. I’m not that kind of person, but to see that it is affecting me makes me feel horrible inside. Overall, I feel like this new reading has complicated the way I see my guilt, but at the same time if it wasn’t for the fact that I learned how to look at this allegorically, I wouldn’t have realized how this guilt would carry me into the future - I can learn from this and make better decisions.

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