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New Orleans Is Not Safe Essay

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A lot of people say new orleans is not safe. the rate from 2014 was 39.6 the fbl recorded as the average for comparably. drave a lot of violence in prior years went down arguments was created because motive in many killing. ( Martin 1 )
New Orleans struggled with an high murder. in the hurricane katrina forced mass evacuation of the city, people say they couldn 't trust the police because they wouldn 't do the right thing to protect the city .( Corley 3).
Saving more lives in 2013, only 14 percent gunshot. even more people are getting shot we are failing, and not succeeding. they saying that because we losing a lot of family members and police ain 't doing nothing to stop the shooting. ( Martin 1 ).
Shooting at high school was upsetting to people. the people throughout country within week of that shooting number about guns. they were four teenagers shot and kill. they city tells to every schools to be careful and take care of the students.( stewart 4)
In 2012 the city of new orleans worked with the schools to create process links schools with counseling victim assistance. involved homicide addition in new orleans helped schools develop their own. ( landreu 5 )
The city on a pace finish year with 194 murder victims. highest past eighty years in new orleans recorded the murders in 2011. the records keep changing overly year.(daley 7 )
The history in united states victims and the survivors of the domestic violence. pandemic quality katrina has the potential effect wide range individuals and families. ( P,Jenkins 2)
New orleans still has an murder rate almost four times higher than big cities. in carly july murders hit triple digits two months. increase by incoming from a domestic violence .(corley 3)
The american criminal given day...

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...s 44 percent.(corley 3).
Unconvicted people spending years in jail before cases resolved. kalief browder spend more than 1,000 days on rikers island. it change against them dropped the experience so traumatized.(neyfakh 6).
The glasser pointed the increase in shooting and non-gang related murders. kennedy and harrison the police chief gang related murders.professor loyola university of new orleans said that other factors also may be at play.(martin 1).
Harrison disagrees despite this year’s spike in murders showing a drop in overall crime are proof there’s no de policing. department is giving pay raises to ratin officers and is training new recruits.(corley 3).
People satisfied with the numbers are now criminologist peter scharf professor at the lsu school. the public health in 2015 new orleans murder of 105-190 it really not statistical blip of the years.(daley 7).

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