New Methods Of Writing And Writing Style Essay

New Methods Of Writing And Writing Style Essay

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Throughout this semester, the approach I took towards writing, as well as my writing style, has been expanded tremendously due to the introduction of new methods of writing and research. I learned that there are many ways to write, and how to choose which way works best to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas as a writer. This course involved many aspects of writing, and revolved around many different styles. To be successful, I had to learn and understand new ways of writing I had previously never experienced before. In doing so, I developed new ways to effectively communicate information about my assignments and topics, and continue to grow as a writer. Research and writing creates many challenges, and sometimes must be very specific, when constructing a paper that can effectively communicate what the writer wants to say, but is extremely rewarding when done correctly.
In the beginning of the semester, I only knew about the basic forms of writing, and was unaware of the more complex, deeper aspects like synthesis, the focus on audience and genre, and the difference that proper research can make. After learning of different writing styles through class assignments such as the Rhetorical Situation Analysis Paper, Annotated Bibliography, Research Analysis Paper, and the Multimodal Project, I now have a variety of ways to convey my writing to specific audiences, as well as understand what styles will work best depending on the topic, genre, or audience. Instead of writing the same old five paragraph essays on all of my writing topics like I had done previous to having this class, I can now use a specific format to help create the best final product I can create.
When working on the Rhetorical Situation Analysis Paper, whi...

... middle of paper ... looks highly unprofessional and may not be taken seriously by the audience (Kuehn, “Multimodal Reflection”).
Research and writing creates many challenges, and sometimes must be very specific, when constructing a paper that can effectively communicate what the writer wants to say, but is extremely rewarding when done correctly. Having learned the new writing styles and research techniques in the course, I feel that I am better prepared to tackle the writing tasks I will face in the future in my major and career. Being a Criminal Justice major, and aspiring for a career in the field, it is crucial that I am able to communicate clearly, efficiently, and professionally with people. Since I have taken this course, I can now work with multiple styles of writing in order to establish the best possible way to communicate my thoughts and ideas as an author to my audience.

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