New Medical Technologies And Medications Has Increased The Length Of The Human Lifespan

New Medical Technologies And Medications Has Increased The Length Of The Human Lifespan

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The availability of new medical technologies and medications has increased the length of the human lifespan creating the necessity of adapting to many changes throughout the years. There are many octogenarians and even older seniors living today who have witnessed many advances in technology: radio shows to flat screen, three dimensional TV, rotary phones to cell phones, and communication via the written letter to email and fax. The ability to function in this rapidly changing environment depends on many variables. Older adults may reflect on their life and seek opportunities to improve their current situation or delve into areas of interest that they were always curious to explore. The enhancement of cognitive functioning in middle and late adulthood depends on the initiative to remain mentally, physically and socially active.
Older adults can take longer to process new information; this may be due to physiological changes or fear of either trying new experiences or of failure. These obstacles can often be overcome by the use of expert knowledge in the current field of employment or life skills: the stay at home mom of six may not be able to understand the new method of mathematical calculations, but can draw on previous knowledge in math to develop other means of problem solving, or a young nurse may be unable to deal with a patient’s wound if she doesn’t have certain supplies, whereas a seasoned nurse will look at the wound and find alternative methods of wound care. The skilled worker is able to adapt to the situation and explore other possible solutions to a problem, utilizing previous experience as to what has and has not been effective in any given situation. This process, according to Papalia, 20xx, is known as encapsulat...

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...s to live up to their full potential. Working with younger adults can be an opportunity to be a mentor and to learn about new technologies through those who understand them best. It is essential that the older adult keep an open mind to learning new ideas and techniques, especially in the area of communication. Spending time with grandchildren and taking them on educational trips is a great way to learn a new perspective through a child’s eyes.
People are living longer and longer and it is imperative that the quality of life is maintained. Enhancing cognitive functioning through work, education, development of new interests and socialization will ensure the best quality of life possible. Seeking out meaningful and or challenging new experiences will provide the opportunity for older adults to remain physically, socially and mentally active throughout their lifetime.

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