Essay on New Media Alights the Realm of Art History

Essay on New Media Alights the Realm of Art History

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What does the term New Media mean and how has it affected the study of Art History during its growth in the last six years? New Media means many things to many people but simply put, it’s an open to semi-open community for interactive dialog and relationships. “[New] media […] is increasingly more a site of coordination, because groups that see or hear or watch or listen to something [that “something” in particular to this essay, is Art History] can now gather.” (Shirky) The New Media has become a type of social communications tool, used in the ever-evolving world of the Internet. New Media in its most popular form, Social Media became embedded in our culture sometime within the last six years. It has changed academia in numerous and varied ways, enough so that many universities have added the study of New Media to their disciplinary offerings. New Media has sanctioned a place within the Internet to establish a community of sorts that transcends geographic as well as academic boundaries that allows members of different types of social groups with certain interests to connect, collaborate and create. Through the lens of the academic discipline that studies the development of the visual arts, known as the study of Art History, we will focus on how New Media has lifted the curtain on this once somewhat obscure world of academia and carried it through into the world of modern technology.
At one time, the only means for a perspective student interested in studying Art History to become familiar with the various aspects of the discipline was to aggressively search library catalogs for sparse and scattered information that may or may not really delve deep enough into the matter. This is because; the truly illuminating information as w...

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