New Marketing Channels And Tactics Essay

New Marketing Channels And Tactics Essay

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The new marketing channels and tactics have largely been driven by the technological revolution. While these channels often use similar tactics to traditional channels, they tend to rely on digital technology in the delivery.

Furthermore, the strategy used by new marketing channels adds more emphasis on the cultivation of relations after the potential customer has been turned into a paying customer. The strategy looks more like:

➢ Finding potential customers
➢ Creating a message to reach out to customers
➢ Finding the right channel of contact
➢ Converting the customer into a loyal customer
➢ Cultivating the relationship with the customers

The new marketing channels emphasise the six Cs: contact, connect, conversation, consideration, consumption, and community. The strategy calls for a permission-based marketing. This means that instead of interrupting the potential consumer with a marketing message, marketers often ask for permission. For instance, a website can have a box for subscribing to an email newsletter, which allows the customer to see premium content or receive extra offers. The decision to subscribe is on the hands of the customer.

So, what are some of the most common new marketing channels?

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is among the most common new marketing channels. It’s divided into two methods:

• Search engine optimisation (SEO) – An organic marketing strategy that uses different optimisation tactics to improve the ranking on search engines like Google. The aim is to guarantee the company is among the top of the lists when customers are searching for relevant keywords. Usually the focus is on optimising the company website, creating organic links with other website’s and improving social me...

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...bjective. The metrics will differ whether you are using a traditional marketing method or using a newer, digital marketing channel.

The traditional metrics include:

• Response rate (customers reacting to the ad)
• Conversation rates
• Cost per ad (such as direct mail)
• Call tracking
• Customer satisfaction rate

The digital marketing metrics include:

• Cost per lead
• Total visits to website or social media profile
• Unique visitors
• Average visit duration
• Conversation rate
• Bouncebacks
• Shares and likes on social media
• Customer satisfaction rate

Once you’ve selected the preferred marketing channel, you can use the above metrics to focusing on the cost effectiveness of the campaign. The most important thing to remember is to plan your marketing operations carefully and use a few different channels to find out which one is the most efficient to your needs.

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