The New Life Created Change Both The Parents ' Lives Essay

The New Life Created Change Both The Parents ' Lives Essay

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The instant a young mother establishes her attention on the fact that she was pregnant an immediate surge of sensations fled through her mind: Confusion, fear, but most of all happiness. From day one, mother and child generate a bond. As Woolfolk & Perry explain (2015), “the mother and fetus not only respond physically to one another, they also respond socially to their shared experience of embodiment.” Social, physical, emotional aspects of the mother’s life are all things that she must be conscious of, so she is capable of providing the ideal environment for this neonate. But how does having this new life created change both the parents’ lives? Every facet of both parents can affect how the child interacts and develops within the outside world; any social, physical, and/or emotional fluctuations that occur has an impact influences the child’s development. Moreover, as the baby grows, the alterations of life take into place, the parents’ social, emotional, and maybe even physical elements change immensely.
At the age of 20, Carolyn gave birth to her beautiful son, Caspian, on January 9, 2009. With her biggest surprise as a new parent, she learned the real definition of love at first sight. She commented, “They literally hand you this child and you look at it and you literally feel instantly that I would die for this thing in a heartbeat. I know seems a tad extreme but that was my first thought you’re in complete shock, and feelings of love, joy, and happiness all at the same time (M. Little, telephone communication, February 11, 2016).” As a single mother who works as a revenue manager at Hilton hotels, Carolyn must provide for her 6-year-old and juggle the roles of both mother and father. Although the father is in the child’s l...

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...down to it, being a parent has times of happiness and times of great conflict. As the interview concluded, I had to question her on how do you know when you are being a “good” parent (M. Little, telephone communication, February 11, 2016), her response was, “people tell me he is great, or has a great personality or is such a sweetheart. That means to me that I have taught him well. Children act so much like their parents, we don’t even realize it, it is really essential to understand that we are the main role models for these children. And the most important thing I learned as this new role in my life, was that I am the mother I wanted to be all along with having a successful career and providing for my child.” Parents are a child’s guidance and to see regardless of all the hardships that this family continues to grow stronger and that Caspian’s future is very bright.

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