The New Liberal Arts, Sanford J. Ungar Essays

The New Liberal Arts, Sanford J. Ungar Essays

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In the article “The New Liberal Arts,” Sanford J. Ungar presents the argument of why liberal arts schools are still competitive and useful today. The beginning of the article immediately addresses the problem that Ungar is defending, “Hard economic times inevitably bring scrutiny of all accepted ideals and institutions, and this time around liberal-arts education has been especially hit hard.” The author provides credibility through his time of being a liberal arts presidents, applies statistics about the enrollment and job security outside of liberal college, he addresses the cost factor and how a student may find compensation, and that a liberal arts college is not preparing students for success. The article “The New Liberal Arts,” addresses the importance of preparing students outside a STEM major, but lacks clarity of why liberal arts colleges compare or exceed them, how other countries are using liberal arts to further their education, while those arguments Ungar addressed were vital to the defending of Liberal arts colleges, but the author lacked explanation of how liberal arts schools can be affordable to students.
In the presented “Misperception Number 4,” Sanford J. Ungar makes the assumption that STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are where students today are focusing and excelling. Though this may be true, Ungar has no credible source saying that students are increasing their degrees in this field of study. The argument addresses that a liberal arts degree involves classes in these subject areas, but in no way confronts how many classes, if there is a minor that is automatically attached to the degree or the effects that taking the classes has on a graduate. By popular opinion, the aut...

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...rants from the government, while liberal arts colleges are seemingly left behind. The author increasingly becomes tangent to the initial arguments he presented by explaining that students have a more interactive and personal relationship with their professors and other students. Sanford J. Ungar did not address one aspect of the cost to attend a liberal arts college or how it could be affordable for students who are not in the upper class.
Throughout the article “The New Liberal Arts,” Ungar masks an unsound argument with emotion and perceived credibility. Ungar presents himself as a credible source due to his interaction and experience as a presidents at a liberal arts institution. Though he presents himself with knowledge, the arguments he draws attention to are poorly developed and lack any solid background information to why he is right over the opposing side.

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