The New Liberal Arts, By Sanford J. Ungar And Charles Murray Essay

The New Liberal Arts, By Sanford J. Ungar And Charles Murray Essay

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Individuals are struggling nowadays to acquire an education higher than a high school diploma. One of the main reasons for this issue could be very well the price it is to attend college. The prices have skyrocketed throughout the years. A lot of the people who attend college have to take out a “student loan,” just so they can get by. I believe one should not need to be in serious debt before they even graduate, all because they want to go out and further their education, and become successful in their life. College is a popular topic for most and Sanford J. Ungar and Charles Murray has a unique way of explaining both their opinions.

In his essay, “The New Liberal Arts,” Sanford J. Ungar advocates that the liberal arts should be everybody’s education regardless of the fact that most Americans are facing economic hardship. Sanford launches into list seven misconceptions about liberal arts education, and then begins to enlighten us on why they are false. The first misconception that he begins to explain is “a liberal-arts degree is a luxury that most families can no longer afford. Career education” is what we now must focus on.” Liberal arts education produces analytical thinking, and professions are looking for that as an alternative of just being specialized in one subject. “Who wants to hire somebody with an irrelevant major like philosophy or French,” but in reality everyone is finding it harder to find a job in this economy, not just liberal arts majors. He then answers the question about “being low income, or first generation college student,” and Ungar begins to state that it is ignorance to consider that just because an individual is the first generation that they cannot be given the same kind of education as someone else w...

... middle of paper ... students who do want to take more classes then what is mandatory of my major. That brings me to Charles Murray, he has a broader outlook on the whole college business. He has several different opinions, however, some may seem less crazy than others. Murray suggests that the “lesser people” should go straight to work right out of high school, while the “more intelligent” people should attend college. I contradict this theory of his because of the fact that some peoples grades do not depend on their intelligence. Or some people work extremely hard, and want to continue on working hard to further their education, but their grades do not show how much effort and time they put into it. I like what both of these authors did, and I believe that every student, before attending college, should read these essays and think about what their future may have in store for them.

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