New Jersey Proposed Pilot Program to Extending School Days and Hours: A Progressive Idea or Exhausting

New Jersey Proposed Pilot Program to Extending School Days and Hours: A Progressive Idea or Exhausting

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NJ governor Chris Christie is by no means a favorite politician in the eyes of New Jersey education administrators, and teachers. After many years of budget cuts and restructuring, he is facing new criticism with his new proposal to increase the school day and year. New Jersey news papers and radio stations are filled with interviews and chatter on whether NJ students will benefit from longer days, or if it is just a political maneuver and waste of money we do not have. However much the cost, extending the the length of time spent is school, is a sold foundation for creating more competitive and college ready students. Our schools systems were designed for agriculture lives, providing brakes and hours fitting of a farmers life and a harvest. Restructuring brakes and hours to match todays family needs is an idea that should have been visited many years ago. Parents are no longer home, they are both working and working longer hours. Socially and economically we have entered the “knowledge Era,”(Gail Ruder. Paradigms of Work Slide 18 ). Jobs today are more knowledge based then ever before. To thrive in todays world and to be competitive you need to be educated and hold degrees. Many offices now are hiring receptionist to answer phones with a minimum of a bachelors degree. With the addition of machines and technology, many of todays jobs are based off intellect rather then manual skill. Extending the school day is a simple way to meet societies growing needs, and build a stronger foundation for academic success in college and in the competitive work force after.

Opposing Arguments
This proposal is meeting mixed reviews across the state from students, parents and educators; and they all have the same concerns, budge, free time, an...

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