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New Jersey Institute of Technology

Fiber Optics

Reema Panjawani
Fnu Saba
IT120 – 001
Joan Kettering
November 11, 2014
As time is passing by we are coming across new technologies. One of these technologies is fiber optics. Fiber optics is a networking term that comes from optical fibers which is a fiber made from glass that transmits light. It is one type of cabling/medium that supports high bandwidth thus giving high speed. Fiber optics has proved to be a blessing for telephone companies when they were running out of business due to cable communication. Developed by physicists, this technology is widely used to access high speed internet today. Besides this, it has many other uses and has history involved behind the invention. This technology has its own mechanisms and principles of operation. That is, it has its own special ways of how it works and like any other technology it has drawbacks along with the positives.
The two big advantages of fiber optics is that it not affected by electromagnetic interference and it is great for long distance transmissions, reason it “transmits light rather than electricity” (Meyers 55). Unlike a copper cable, it can carry data for kilometers rather than only meters (Meyers 55). It consists of the core which is the glass fiber, cladding, used to make light reflect in the fiber, buffer for strength and insulating jacket for protection (Meyers 55). Since the main component is a glass fiber it needs buffer and an insulating jacket for extra protection. The standard diameter of the core and cladding of a fiber optic cable is 62.5/123 micrometers (Meyers 55). For the purposes of getting internet access, fiber optics usually consist a pair of fibers for sending an...

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... conclusion the main problem with fiber optics is that it is very expensive and it will cost efficient of money because then every hardware and software will need to be update as well.

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