New Invention Ipod Camera/ Video

New Invention Ipod Camera/ Video

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In today's high-pace society, technology is a way of life, which is why we humans tend to want the next best product out there. However, when it comes to mp3 players there is a vast selection, but the one that really stands out is the Ipod by Apple. This is because it is light weight and it can hold a large amount of songs depending on how big the storage is, and on Apple's latest model there is video capability. So not only does it have music but you could watch videos too. What would be even better is if there would be a digital camera on it as well, then your problems of carrying both the mp3 player and digital camera would be over. This is because this new product called the Ipod Camera/ Video would already have the camera inside of it as well as the music and video capability. This product would be directed towards people between the ages of 15-40, because people that are fifteen years old are just entering into the high-technology driven world, and people that are forty years of age are still in that time of their lives that they still make use of those little gadgets. In other words, this new product would make peoples lives easier by having both the digital camera, video and mp3 player all-in-one.
The Apple Ipod Camera/ Video would come in four different colours, two of which are its trademark colours, white and black, and the other two colours would be green and blue. The storage of the Ipod Camera/ Video would come in 70G or 100G, because there is not only music and video that are being put into this product there are also pictures. These pictures would take up more space then usual, which is why instead of the 30G and 60G, the Ipod would be offered with the 70G or 100G option. This would allow more capacity for pictures, videos, and music. The digital camera on the Ipod Camera/ Video will be on the actual product, not attached; meaning that in back you will have the lens and the viewer would be the screen that is on the front of the Ipod. The screen would 2.5 inches in length and height. Lastly, the width of the Ipod itself would be 0.

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5 inches long. To get into the camera mode, you would have to open the Ipod and from the main menu select camera, and automatically the lens will pop-out from the back of the Ipod. The camera will have a 3x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom, with an altogether 12x zoom. The digital camera will be a 6 mega pixel camera. The camera will have a built in red-eye reduction including 8 different modes: night time, video, fast movement, sports, panoramic, automatic, indoor, and black and white. The buttons for the camera will be on the Ipod Camera/ Video itself, like for instance the zoom button, the button to take pictures and to switch modes. The battery life will last three times the normal Ipod Video, and it will also have an additional battery that will kick-in when the primary battery is low. You would not need to buy a flash card of any kind for the camera because once you take the picture it will store it right on the Ipod itself. The cost of the Ipod Camera/ Video for the 70G would be roughly 549 dollars Canadian and the 100G would be 745 dollars Canadian (prices were quoted by Apple). There will be a 25 year warranty with Apple that would cost an extra (Apple Care is about 90 dollars Canadian for Ipods) 150 dollars Canadian.

The Apple Brand Company is known to a lot of people all over the world, not just for their Ipods but also for their laptops and computers, now featuring the Intel chip. By entering the market with this new product, Apple would have the competitive advantage (text, p. 29). Meaning that a lot of people that already own an Apple product are satisfied with it and that Apple has surpassed all other companies when it comes to their mp3 players, which shows Apples strengths (text, p.28-29). For there weaknesses (text, p.28-29), the Ipod Camera/ Video might have some glitches at first with the batteries and camera malfunctioning problems, however, who does not have those types of problems with new products coming into the market. If this product does come out for people like you and me to purchase it would be an opportunity (text, p.28-29) for Apple, because they would have launched the Ipod Camera/ Video while the other companies are still producing the mp3 players with video capability. As for there threats (text, p.28-29) they will not have any at first, but as the other companies start to develop the same kind of product and maybe at lower costs there will be competition throughout the market as well as, there would be the threats (text, p.28-29) from the cell phone companies that have cameras and now mp3 players on them. As for the marketing mix (text, p.36-37) there is the product, place promotion and price. Here the product (text, p.37) is the Ipod Camera/ Video that has a digital camera, video as in movies and listening to music. Its package will be green and blue to promote the new colours and the insignia of Apple will be in white on the front of the box. The place (text, p.37) and or distribution would be delivered to all the major electronic stores, for example Best Buy, The Source, Future Shop, etc. This new product would be available to these stores when and where they are in need as well as making sure that the product arrives on time and is still in working condition. The promotion (text, p.37) for the Ipod Camera/ Video will consist of advertising on TV, and putting billboards around the city (place). This will make people aware of this new product and show them the digital camera function, so that they can acknowledge the benefits of the Ipod Camera/ Video as well as realize that it is more then just something to listen to music to. Lastly, there is the pricing (text, p.38) of the product itself which has already been previously mentioned, for the 70G 549 dollars Canadian and 745 dollars Canadian for the 100G. This is because the original Ipod Video 30G goes for about 360 dollars Canadian (, while this new product allows you not only to watch television shows, movies, and listen to music but also take pictures with the Ipod itself.
To conclude, when owning this product you will not have to go out and buy a digital camera and mp3 player separately because the Ipod Camera/ Video is both all-in-one. This means that one would not have to spend 200 dollars and up for a digital camera and then go and purchase an mp3 player for another 200 dollars and up when they could just buy this one product that will save them the money and time that has both. This signifies that instead of spending over 600 dollars with tax for the two items you could spend the same amount for just the one.
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