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Southern New Hampshire Online Student Portal is a web-based application that provides virtual classroom settings for a distant collage degree earning. The application provides an internal locus of control by providing tools to apply, manage, modify and delete registration, financial tools, web-based Outlook email account, online and networking communities and project collaborations (Shneiderman, 2009). The e-learning environment follows a consistency in design using constructive instructions layout versus demanded step system to facilitate knowledge by “doing” so (Wallace, 1993). All functionality instructions follow a closure dialogue format with auto-correction when errors in spelling occur, for instance, when searching the provided recourses, such as within the library, the fill-in forms display auto corrected results in case of misspelling.
The start page consists of a well organized layout with priority over ease of navigation, the main menu navigates to the different sections of the application, help and tech support links are located at a visually focal point at the top of the page, with complementing highlighted graphic areas of the main page elements. The left aside element navigates the logically organized links associated with your degree academics: grades, course evaluation, registrations, billing etc. The body of the page consists the help channels within the SNHU learning experience starting with your advisor information and all up to date event calendar, collaborations, celebrations, webinars etc.
Due to the diverse user levels and user characteristics, the application provides a simple in task/link positioning, colors, decrease in dynamic graphic visualizations and promote a universal usability in order to...

... middle of paper ...

...your student portal. The integrated student portal tasks can adopt the user preferences in font style, color, theme and graphics, also additional tools he/she may prefer to improve the interface and personalize the cognitive load.
In order to promote an elevated HCI, the application would benefit from the implementation of icon button task association of all prioritized user’s application elements, such as Blackboard, Email account access, Library, SNHU Store. In addition to the disability help line, accessibility can be increased via user preference themes for a personalized look and modification freedom of page layout and rearrangement of the hierarchical sub links. Facilitation of the individual assignment knowledge can only be improved by individually designed chat rooms that provide direct communication channel for each graded assignment.

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