The New Direction For The Reform Of Present Education System Essay

The New Direction For The Reform Of Present Education System Essay

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The New Direction for the Reform of Present Education System
Many scholars once criticized the education system in America. Even as the most developed country in the world, the education system there still is not satisfactory to some education experts. They think that the influence of the federal government to the education is very limited. For example, Ken Robinson once pointed out his worries about the education systems and put forward that the current education system should be changed. And some other people also believed that the current education system was out of date, because its design and structure came from the era of the industrial revolution. However, the modern society has experienced a lot of changes, and the education system also should change with the era.
Education is the most important part of economic growth and national prosperity. If a nation wants to be competitive in the global economy, it must develop its education system. If a person wants to get a good job or has a higher earning power, he must accept proper education. Under the Obama administration, education has become an urgent priority driven by two clear goals.(NETP) For example, raising the proportion of college graduates from 41% to 60% by 2020 and making sure all students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers. However, the substance of the education system and structure are still not changed.
Student motivation in education system is a key issue, but American education systems still affected by the traditional education concept, and the functions of motivation are limited to most of the schools.  Even if technology-based learning and assessment systems have been pivotal in improving student learning and generating data,...

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...e self-fulfillment. In the famous book written by Daniel Pink, he shows a series of stories and experiments of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci. Through the experiments, they put forward a new drive that “the performance of the task.” For example, in an experiment, the researchers found out that the monkeys loved solving puzzles because they can get enjoyments and compliments through it. So the joy of the task was the reward. However, to must educators they do not realize that except the external drive, people also have a third drive, which is intrinsic motivation. Just like Pink states in the book, no matter companies or governments or most businesses and non-profits, they ignore the intrinsic motivation, in contrast, pay more attention to the external rewards, As the book says, rewards not only not effective, sometime rewards were having a negative effect on motivation.

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