New Digital Er The World Of Fashion Essay

New Digital Er The World Of Fashion Essay

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In the world of Fashion, it is renowned that Fashion Show (footnotes/reference) is the biggest seasonal event of all times in the industry, which fashion designers showcase their most up-to-date collection during Fashion Week (ref). Fashion powerhouses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton spending fortunes to create the most innovative and extravagant setting and the ultimate front row for their fashions shows,striving to etch (bof: show bussiness) in audience memory and creating a buzz (ref) in digital and social media. The dynamic of Fashion Show has been revolutionized with the existence of social media. It is no longer just about showing beautifully design garments for the seasons and venturing sales. In this new digital era, it is aimed to impress and build closer relationships with the audience whether they are inside or outside the Fashion Show.

Henry Holland one of the young British fashion designers has joined with tech firm Metail to allow people watching his show online, as well as trying on his clothes using an avatar image of themselves matching their measurements. (Sunday times) In this new digital age, Fashion brands are all very intend to invest on digital technology and social media strongly into Fashion Shows to be more accessible and approachable for consumers. There is certainly an enormous change in Fashion Show business, whether it is still relevant or necessary to make fashion show more accessible?

While Fashion show still remains their status within the fashion industry now, there seems to an uncertainty about whether Fashion Shows are still relevant, or it is a necessity for Fashion Shows to be more accessible. The Fashion consumers’ lifestyles continuously evolve can be seen as advance technology has been gr...

... middle of paper ...

...ding to digital social media and consumer interest actively, the transparency and accessibility are expected to carry out for the consumers. Fashion industry is relying on digital technology so much where the technology is leading key to organize all the events at Fashion Week.

As Fashion brands reply more and more on digital technology to make Fashion Show more relevant and accessible to everyone, the exclusivity is definitely declining. The rise of accessibility has transformed Fashion Show to be a double-edged sword; firstly it builds a closer relationship with the consumers however a bad use of its application would lead to ruining the exclusivity and limiting creativity in the industry. More brands and retailers are expected to center their consumers in order to offer the perfect products to their best interest, this approach will push Fashion week to an end.

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