Essay on The New Deal Of The United States

Essay on The New Deal Of The United States

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#4) The New Deal was created in the time of the Depression in the United States. There were two phases to this policy created by Franklin D. Roosevelt when he became President of the U.S. The first phase was from 1933 to 1935 and the second from 1935 to 1937. During the first phase, seven policies were created. These policies were the Emergency Banking Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the Civilian Conservation Corp, Wall Street, the Public Works Act, the National Recovery Act, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The EBA as the first policy of the New Deal was very important. In this policy, the United States had to have the ability to spend money for the economy, so they did away with the gold standard. Now the country used a piece of paper to buy what they needed. Only banks that were in good condition would be the ones to stay open and have what the government called a "Bank Holiday." The second policy, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, focused on all the farmers that made their living on their products. The value of their goods had dropped dramatically so something needed to be done to help them during this time and that was limit their production and rotate the fields of the farmer. This policy was considered unconstitutional.

The Civilian Conservation Corp was a policy that made random jobs for those around eighteen to twenty five years old who couldn 't get any. They were hired to build things like bridges, fields, roads, etc. With them having their own money, they could send some to their family and get the necessities that families were unable to get at this time. Wall Street was something the president hated so he made a plan to regulate it. The Public Works Act was another policy that gave people a chance for jobs...

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... against us and a communist.

Since the containment policy wasn 't good enough for him, Dulles made a new policy, one that did more than just try and stop communism from spreading. The Liberation Policy was made to free the countries that had already fallen into communism. Instead of just making sure none fell to communism, Dulles made it so that those who had could possible be freed too. Dulles made another law in which things were more severe than before. "Big Bang" America was now something that meant if America was to ever go to war with whatever country attacked them, America would fight back with the big guns. The war would be fought with nuclear weapons. Dulles also brought about the Policy of Brinkmanship. This policy could be dangerous because he would take very small events and turn them into big ones. As as result of that, he would threaten nuclear war.

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