New Deal And The Paradigm Shift Essay

New Deal And The Paradigm Shift Essay

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Elena Pearson
Mrs. Bowman and Ms. Combs
AP Language and Composition, Block 6
US History, Block 4
April 13, 2015
New Deal and the Paradigm Shift in Federal Government
In the early 1900’s, the Great Depression began and had devastating effects on many American citizens. People who were once proud, independent people began to look for help from those around them, having no means to provide for themselves and to their welfare and good being. The Federal Government that was originally uninvolved with citizens’ matters started to look for ways to help the American people and the New Deal program was created. The Great Depression caused a paradigm shift in the Federal Government when they instituted the New Deal program which significantly changed the government’s role in the lives of Americans primarily through the Social Security Act and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
In the 1900’s, American citizens had the ideology that they needed to fend for themselves and that it was a disgrace to rely on anyone else. Because of this ideology, the federal government had little to no hand in the affairs of the American people. When the Great Depression hit, people lost their jobs, savings, and homes and had nowhere to turn to. President Roosevelt realized that the citizens of America would not be able to make it through this economic downfall by themselves. Thus, he created the New Deal programs to help the citizens in their struggle, changing the federal government from being uninvolved and distant to a government that people could rely on for help in their times of trouble.
People’s thinking largely shifted of what the government’s responsibility was and how the federal government interacted with the citizens and economy. Before, the...

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...o this day.
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