New Crimes And Bundy 's Final Trial Essay

New Crimes And Bundy 's Final Trial Essay

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New Crimes and Bundy’s Final Trial
Once in Chicago, Bundy hitched a train and traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Five days later Bundy stole a car and drove all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, Bundy entered a bus and reached Tallahassee, Florida on January 8, 1978. He ended up in a small room in a boarding house near the campus of the University of Florida State; this is when Bundy went back into his psychotic way.
Late at night on January 15, 1978 Bundy successfully breaks into the Florida State Chi Omega sorority house through a damaged locked door. He found the room of Margaret Bowman, a 21-year-old student. He then clubbed Margaret over the head with a piece of oak firewood continuously as she slept; Bundy then suffocated her with a nylon stocking. Once done with Margaret, he continued in the house and entered the room of 20-years-old Lisa Levy. Bundy again beat Levy unconscious with the firewood, strangled her, bit right through one of her nipples, bit again very deeply into her buttocks and sexually assaulted Levy with her own hair mist bottle. Not satisfied by what he had just done, Bundy looked for more victims in the house. He proceeded in attacking two more women, Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler. Both suffered major concussions, broken jawbone, loss of teeth and deeply lacerated cuts. But remarkably, Kathy and Karen survived Bundy’s vicious attack. After Bundy leaves the house, he travels eight blocks down the road to a basement apartment. The owner was Cheryl Thomas, a Florida State student. Bundy broke in and attacked Cheryl before she even knew what hits her. He dislocates her shoulder and fractured her jawbone and skull in five places. After Cheryl was rushed to the hospital she was diagnosed as completely ...

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...y 24, 1979 the judge forced Bundy to the death penalty, he was ultimately sentenced to death by electrocution.
While Bundy was on death row, he confessed to over 30 murders. Some authorities knew about and others they had no idea that had happened. Holmes (1998, pg. 10) states “When Don Patehen, supervisor of the Homicide and Assault Unit of the Tallahassee Police Department, interviewed Bundy regarding the 36 cases of unsolved murder victims, Ted calmly told the veteran police officer that he could add one digit to the number.” He also explained where he hid most bodies and would sometimes come back to he dead decomposing bodies and perform sexual fantasies to the dead bodies. Authorities tried to find some of the bodies where Bundy explained they were buried, but nothing ever came up. On January 24, 1989 Ted Bundy died from the electric chair, he was 42-years-old.

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