Essay on The New City Of New Orleans

Essay on The New City Of New Orleans

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There is no doubt that after all it has been through the city of New Orleans has earned its title as one of the most historic cities in American history. People share a cultural memory here, a cultural memory that blends legacies from Europe, West Africa, Native America and many other cultures to create the unique atmosphere difficult to find anywhere else. In addition, regardless of all the harsh realities the city has been through, such as, war, economic booms and bust, river floods, and Hurricane Katrina it still remains standing today. However, not in the condition it was once in, and because of this, a movement known as the Master Plan was pushed to revitalize the city once again. The Master Plan is a plan that was developed by a majority of the community and city planners of New Orleans that would balance and harmonize all elements of the city through a series of strategies in an attempt to get the region caught up with the 21st century. The plan was dedicated to Reverend Marshall Truehill Jr. who was a longtime advocate for public housing residents, pastor of an interracial congregation, chair of the City Planning Commission, and founding member of City-Works, an organization that helped foster civic engagement. Up until his death in December of 2008, literally days after receiving his Ph.D. in planning from the University of New Orleans he demonstrated his deep commitment to inclusive planning in all his work. It was said that he motivated and inspired everyone who worked on the plan to pursue and equal commitment to every person and every place in the city of New Orleans. Nonetheless, just months after his death the plan was pushed through in 2010 and began getting implemented early 2012. This comprehensive, city wide pl...

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...y in a way that will benefit all. One of its main focus is that of education, the city of New Orleans plans to create a strong education system that will benefit its population, its work force, and overall its economy. Generally, what it is attempting to do is create a skilled labor force that will attract outside businesses to once again invest in the region. Once businesses invest it will bring about a source of income for both the government to use for its population and to keep improving the city as well as add well-paying jobs for the population to finally earn a little more than what they need to survive so that they can spend a little more outside of their comfort zone. This they believe will stimulate their economy and bring about change in no time. There are also a series of plans they hope to implement including livability, opportunity, and sustainability.

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