The New Child Should Not Be Of Any Concern The Child Essay

The New Child Should Not Be Of Any Concern The Child Essay

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nflict of interest. In addition, that the new child should not be of any concern the child was just born and the staff had express to the parent that they can wait into the child come in. Also, that there is no policy on sibling been together in the same room. Furthermore, that mom wants to leave her job for a period so that she can be home with the childrRoom 6: The room is fully enrolled. Patrice is out on maternity leave. In the room it been notice that some of the teacher need to be re-train on supervision (Margaline) Site manger spoken to the staff and it seems that staff does not understand the instructions. The 45 days mandate are completed and the TSG assessment done. The room has 3 diagnose children. Ms. Davis explain that only 2 children were place in the room, but as the child started in the room the parent inform the staff that her child was diagnose All IFPS have been receive. All individual plans need to be up dated. Ms. Davis would follow up and forward copies to Tamara
• Nathan: IFSP needs to be revises. Parents finally have agreed to more service so we are waiting on the revisions. Child has no spatial concept the room has 2 items of every toy in the room for the child. The child gets on to too many accidents and at times, he need to be carefully monitored so that other children are getting hurt. Since the aide in the room have been gone. The child routine it’s out of valance. The birth to three worker have not been coming to see Nathan.
• Mathew: The child is doing well and his births to three workers are coming regularly.
• Justice is doing well and workers are working with the child.

Room 8: The room it is fully enrolled all 45-day mandates and TSG have been complete. One in this room just recently got p...

... middle of paper ... complete. Ms. Nayda mentions that she has Ms. Tonisha cross train with room 13 and that Ms. Leonor have been providing Tonisha assistance and support. Ms. Powell ask how was the staff doing and Ms. Nayda mention that Tonisha have been late in the morning and late from lunch a few times. Nayda also, mention that she had a conversation with Tonisha about been late and reminded her of the 90n probation period. That she had to spoke to Alexis also because she was coming in on time but not reporting to the classroom. Ms. Davis mentions that staff needs more training on Decas and ages and stages. Ms. Davis mentions that she just recently notices that she had a diagnose child in the room. That Emerly is diagnose and also a DCF child. That DCF was going to fax her the IFP.

All follow up for IFPS and individual plans would be address on the quarterly CEC.

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