The New Blood Diamond : Health Organizations And International Health Experts

The New Blood Diamond : Health Organizations And International Health Experts

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The New Blood Diamond
Health organizations and international health experts are faced with a question of ethics regarding the sale, trade, and donation of organs. A comparison examination done by the New Internationalist Journal, two esteemed medical professionals debate the ethics of the buying and selling organs. On one side of the debate is the rights of humans that are being violated in the organ trafficking dilemma. On the other side are the thousands of patients who die everyday waiting for transplant surgery. The current obtention and distribution of organs is unethical because of the inhuman acts preformed on socioeconomically disadvantaged people; more effort should be put toward protecting vulnerable populations, improving efficiency in organ donation and, promotion of preventative care.
Protecting the Poor
The World Health Organization estimates that five to ten percent of all organs used in transplant surgeries are obtained illegally from the organ bazaars of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. These are places that target the poor and promise riches for a simple and easy donation of an organ. It 's places like these that are extremely harmful to the sanctity of organ donation. Many of the inhumane practices in the transplant business are targeted at poor populations who are in debt or financial crisis and find that their organs have monetary value. The poor are a vulnerable population and are susceptible to exploitation in this growing industry known as “transplant tourism”.
Transplant Tourism
Transplant Tourism, also known as medical tourism, is the traveling of a patient to established destinations to obtain readily accessible organs for transplantation, available from the poor of that destination (Delmo...

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... is completely necessary and comes through the preventative care. Preventative care will help people avoid the need for organ transplants in the first place. If the list of people waiting for an organ was 100% natural unpreventable cases, thousands of people with be taken off and the demand would lower thus creating less need for forceful inhuman practices.
Organs are the blood diamond of our times and until we can revolutionize the practice of transplantation, more awareness and preventative actions need to be taken to protect vulnerable populations and better regulation and preventative care to avoid the thousands of people on a waiting list. The cry for more and more organs is large and the only way to cease that cry is from global resolve that comes through protecting the poor, monitoring transplantation quality, and the promotion of preventative care.

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