New Beginning Of The Family Essay

New Beginning Of The Family Essay

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New Beginning For Men In The Family
Men are usually the ones who uphold family, the one everyone looks up to, they’re known as the heart of the family. In my case none of that was established, the men in my family have had a history of living “The Fast Life” and being for themselves. Most Men in my family have been affiliated with either the cops, Gang banging, Shootouts and so forth. I grew up in a house with uncles who were only a few years younger than me. Everything they did I tried to do or wanted to do. As a kid growing up around relatives doing activities such as fighting, smoking, drinking, messing with girls you start to intake that and believe that its alright to do those things.
My uncle’s would sometimes take me around the neighborhoods where they would hang. Doesn’t sound too good of a place for a kid to be but I figured it was a way of making me tough.
But also an introduction towards trying to expose me to being in the streets they saw that as a way for me to keep the thuggish going in the family. My oldest uncle got sentenced to jail 15 years for shooting two people and paralyzing them and for doing that he had gotten so much respect from the streets. Everywhere he went people treated him like he was the “man of the town” Girls would even throw themselves at him and I wanted that type of love, I wanted to be like him. I didn’t want to go to school because he didn’t. I didn’t want to listen to what people told me to do because he didn’t. For a while he was my role model. But as I got older I realized everyone has their own life and being a follower just means your living how someone else is and you’re not living your own. Even though the street life seemed cool and all but I figured it wasn’t w...

... middle of paper ... I got into three schools by the time my senior year was coming to an end I was still undecided to where I was going to attend school by the month of May Claflin University had did a visit to my school, they presented a presentation of the school and I feel in love with the way they describe how they supported their students so I applied and I had met the requirements to attend panther Academy which I felt was a wonderful Opportunity for me to take so I took it its one of the top 10 HBCU’s and I wanted to give it a try. As graduation day came I was proud to have walk across that stage as one of my of my accomplishments were complete. I had a talk with one of my my uncle and he told me that he was proud of me because I chose the right route to go and that I just got to keep pushing. He said that this was a new beginning for the men in the family.

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