The New Americ A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

The New Americ A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

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The New America

When people first stepped foot on American soil as pilgrims, and eventually established a great nation, it was known as the land of the free. Now, when you look at America, it is considered to be a nation of immigrants. Today, in 2014, we have Americans that are mad with immigrants trying to get into this country, as they are taking our jobs away from us. On the other hand, you have those Americans who yearn for their far off families and friends to come to America from other countries to pursue a better life and utilize the opportunities America offers which their current locations cannot. Why should we let these people into the country without forcing them to first go through all the proper legal actions? It’s great that these people want to come to our country and buy into everything we have to offer here in the United States. But we grew up here, we have voted and we have worked hard for what we have. Then again, who are we to decide where someone gets to live and make a living? Each of these points are very important to this argument and they both have a big impact to a lot of people. I don’t believe that the in allowing these people to come to our country with out having the proper background of the United States. To come here to States you should have to take a test prior to come here and you must have a thorough background check of your family that lives in the United States.

Reading “Immigration in America” you get the sense that they don’t believe that Immigrants should be coming into the United States illegally and that we got to stop them at all costs. The author of this article is not saying people from other counties should not be allowed in legally if they got through the right procedures. Th...

... middle of paper ... to work for less just to stay here with their families. I cant say I disagree with his point view at all because it is true years down the line Americans are going to have even a harder time to get a job and hold it because of the people willing to work more for less money and do the jobs that no one really wants to do. Than you have the author of the article of “Immigration: The Argument for Legalization” saying that all these immigrants want is to come to the country and be free. He feels like it wrong that we keep these immigrants away from their families that they love. Adam Omar Hosein believes that opening the boarders will help the problem with immigration and that their will be less problems and people getting hurt. America is now known as a country of immigrants instead of the land of the free like when the first settlers step foot on this beautiful soil.

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