The New Age of Information Technology Essay

The New Age of Information Technology Essay

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Information Technology has come a long way over the past few decades. The way information is passed and received now just as fast as a blink of an eye in some cases. The computer and the internet is now the new social gathering place for the world. This new change in the world has affected everyone including the children born in this new age. From a social stand point it has affected the way an entire generation communicates with one another. Educationally it has made it somewhat easier for teacher and other school district staff member to organize things like grade, attendance, and disciplinary notices. On a professional level computers and the internet have affected the work place in a major way, some place don’t have paper anything but checks now. Being one of the children born this new age of Information Technology, I can say this new age of computers and internets has drastically assisted me and will continue to in my near future.

Being a child of the 90’s I can say socially computers and the internet has affected me in the past and will continue to affect me in many ways. I can’t imagine life without a computer it does seem possible. Since I started school back in ‘97 there was always at least one computer in my classroom. Honestly I remember being on the internet constantly since the fourth grade. As I got older the internet became more accessible and more common. By the time I was in middle school MySpace changed the way my generation looked at being social. The new place to be was on the internet on MySpace. Everyone was there form your favorite singers to your favorite actor even parents in some cases. By the time I hit high school Facebook had taken the world by storm. Everyone I knew had a Facebook. ...

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...he tools use in the future to try and obtain a professional career in the automotive industry. I’ll be writing my resume on a computer and sending it through the internet as well as my cover letter. In conclusion I don’t see myself obtaining a professional career without utilizing computers and the internet.

It is plain to see that this new world we live in would be nothing without the internet, and the internet would be nothing without the computer. I can honestly say I am extremely proud to be born in this new age of information. Most (not all) older people truly believe we are going through all of the same things as them. That has to be one of the biggest lies ever told. No two generations have all the same problems. Which is why I say you will have an harder time trying to figure out how the internet and computer won’t be in your future.

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