Essay on Never Fear The Dead, It 's The Living That Will Hurt You

Essay on Never Fear The Dead, It 's The Living That Will Hurt You

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Leocardia Valcarcel
"Never fear the dead, it 's the living that will hurt you". Charlene Vincent at the age of 24 has been in the funeral services business four years now. Being an administrative assistant at Ross-Roden funeral home that has been servicing individuals for over 15 years has not been easy for her. At the time she started this profession, she was straight out of high school and in need of employment. A fellow sister of the church, she attended informed her that her sibling was looking to hire at ross-roden funeral home. That 's when her new work journey commenced.
Incapable of viewing a dead body 's without visualizing someone she knew that had passed away, and having constant bad dreams was difficult for her. But after a couple of months she got used to it until her will was tested. Having a soft spot for kids does not come easy when you have to help a family that their 4-year-old just passed away. And she has to retain herself from breaking down in front of the client.
Is very challenging, especially when she has a 4-year-old nephew that means the world to her just imagine what if that was my family in front of her. Realizing that her client 's needs come first and putting all her feelings aside and strapping on her invisible cape helped her view the aspects of the job differently. As her boss will always say to her "never fear the dead, it 's the living that will hurt you "help her grasp the understanding that this is normal their bodies are at rest and peaceful. Ms. vincent learned that she actually feared more how her death would occur then actually dying when she should not fear neither as her body will be cold, but her spirit will live on forever in the many lives she touched. Her greatest contributi...

... middle of paper ... in a funeral home especially when she stated that you cannot break down and cry in front of a client. Just holding it in and going to the bathroom to cry and come out like nothing happens.
Being strong when others can 't be for themselves is as real as it gets. And these people are here to help you when you can 't even think to help you through the whole way. It made me realize human services is not easy no matter the workplace. It has to be something you know you can do you love helping people in whatever situation it is they need assistance. Have to be committed to understanding even when there is no understanding what that individual is going through. There are so many agencies selling a dream funeral homes that when you encounter a place like this it surprises you and you admire the fact of such committed individual. That are not in it just for the money.

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