Never Fall Of Love With A Player Essay

Never Fall Of Love With A Player Essay

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Never fall in love with a player. I am a prime living example of this and I want to give you my story as an example. This will also show you why sometimes calling love a ‘Happy Endings,’ can be a back track of the true meaning of love. “A deceitful man will go as far as to trample all over a woman’s reputation and spirit, in order to prove to his ex-love that he was faithful. The irony, is he is still in love with his ex and the new woman in his life doesn’t even realize it.” Shannon L. Alder
You see two people holding hands. On the surface they look perfect together, happy and charming. So what do people assume? Yes, you got that right that is what people think. Nobody can see the girl’s tears, the man himself is not in love with the relationship. Both are doing what they are good at, pretending. Frank Zappa once quoted, “I have searched for years I found no love. I’m sure love will never be a product of plasticity.”
“I love you, but I am sorry this love has been a lie.” Ever had that sentence before? The truth about this it happens every day to people who really are unhappy in a relationship. Some are forced to live their lives as a fake movie. Just like Anthony Dinozzo and Ziva David from NCIS. The biggest mistake a man can ever make is forcing himself into something he is not happy with. So the best thing he does is to cheat on her with another woman.
“Love,” Kierkegaard writes in Works of Love, “has been called a feeling, a mood, love,” Kierkegaard writes in Works of Love, “has been called a feeling, a mood, a life, a passion; yet since this is such a general definition, attempts have been made to define it more precisely. Love has been called a want, but, note well, such a want that the lover continually wants what he a...

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...d right? I see men looking at me with seething hatred. Women are vulnerable, we are not like football that you can score a touchdown or kick. We have a heart it may be tiny but it carries a lot of emotions you can count on that. Majority of the games you play we are really good at it but we choose to play it cool so we can never hurt you. We are faithful, but guess what you will never find that out.
In conclusion, love is worthless, heartless and worst of all love will always betray you. I tried to find the hidden meaning of love, but I ended up feeling betrayed and misunderstood. Yes. I am currently in a relationship, but even with the best boyfriend I feel like I am always in a battle with love. I lost the battle. All I am now left with is questioning myself what was I thinking when I fell in love? Just like that I am still wishing someone will prove me wrong.

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