Essay on Never-ending Battle Over the Death Penalty

Essay on Never-ending Battle Over the Death Penalty

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The death penalty is a topic that has been around for years that deals with ethics, a set of moral principles or values. This issue has been constantly filled with people’s emotions, attitudes, and their beliefs from all walks of life. There are people in favor of the death penalty while others will argue against it. No matter how the world changes there will never be a final argument or resolution to the understanding, acknowledgement, or ending to the rights or wrongs of the death penalty.
Advocates for the death penalty are for it for many; they believe it has a strong deterrent effect, it gives closure to the families and more tolerable someone perceives imprisonment to be, the less deterrent effect life in prison will have. Capital punishment is a system of government that is a complicated area. The reason it is complicated is not all states enforce the death penalty, because criminal punishment is a subject left for the states to decide (Banner, 2002). However, the death penalty has provided to be a punishment benefiting certain crimes, such as murders as it is the ultimate punishment. It has taken harmful elements off the streets as well as acting as a deterrent for both the convicted criminals and other potential criminals. The first death penalty laws dated back to the early eighteenth century B.C. under King Hammaurabi of Babylon (Death Penalty Information Center). When the Europeans settled in America they brought over the practice of capital punishment. William Kemmler is known to be the first person to be executed by electrocution in 1890 who had been convicted of murdering his lover, Tillie Ziegler, with an axe. Kemmler was convicted on May 10 of first degree murder and on May 13 he was sentenced to de...

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...ment gives everyone in the United States the right to “due process of law,” meaning full access to the courts and proper representation, etc. Many believe that a great number of inmates on death row have not been given due process, and that no one should be put to death if they have not been given their rights. The Eight Amendment protects citizens from government giving out any “cruel or unusual punishments” to future inmates. Opponents of the death penalty view execution as cruel and/or unusual which in their eyes violates the Eighth Amendment in their eyes.
In conclusion, the issue of the death penalty is of fatal importance because it deals with the morality of certain human beings. From this argument, it is clear that the death penalty is a valuable tool in our criminal justice system whose legitimacy cannot be downplayed by any amount of opposing views.

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