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Whenever I open my enormous stationery box, I feel something does not present. It was the most favorable friend to me and had accompanied me daily while I was an elementary school student. It is my carbon pencil. This sensation always cast me back to a memory happened my childhood. This was the conversion of my life.
I was growing up at an artistic environment; I love drawing since I learned to write. My grandfather was a painter and my father was a set designer. My grandfather was died many years ago. I do not know much about my grandfather but I saw many of his works of art and they were all wonderful to me. Unlike my grandfather, my father can rather draw by hands or by computer. He has participated in the scenic design of many movies and television shows. My father should be famous as he designed for many famous movies. However, he is not. Maybe no one cares about the scenic design. I was pound of them and imagined one day I would also reach their achievements. Although my father was skilled in art, he was all along refused to teach me and even stop me from drawing. Without proper instruction, I always spotted my father working on his designs at home and learned beside and practiced secretly. He told me to read school books rather than wasting time on drawing. They wished me to put more efforts in science, math, music, anything but art. After the first art lesson from primary school, I fall in love with drawing.
Perhaps heredity is true for human; I showed my talent at the art lesson in primary school. I have the steady hand which allows me to sketch any patterns precisely; I have the tactile sense of shadows which black and white is enough to present my silhouetted idea on a paper. I can say I was...

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... colors was not easy, but it was fun. I painted the picture group by group with sharp color. In total I spent five nights to finish my work.
The carbon pencil is exist in my stationary box is also the one I used in those years. The dark carbon at the middle of the pencil has never decrease since the competition. “Do you ever think your father suppressed your own freedom?” Never, and I am gratified to have this father. In the tradition society of Chinese, parents always wants their son or daughter to inherit their professional skills or become the one they want their next generations to be. To me, I feel lucky with this. Maybe my father blocked me in one way. He is one the people who master in are occupation. His suggestions were create my experiences of his whole life.
“Gordon, your fathers is excellent, why cannot you draw?” I replied with a smile.

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