The Neutrality Of Justice Is A Foundation Essays

The Neutrality Of Justice Is A Foundation Essays

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Neutrality is a value present in the fundamentals of each level of society. On the global scale, carbon neutrality has become a desirable achievement. Nationally, the neutrality of justice is a foundation to judicial systems. And individual, guidelines of neutrality both justify and shape personal morals. However, as expressed in the claim “There is no such thing as a neutral question,” the nature of neutral inquiry is questionable, as it assumes the existence of an absolute midpoint between two entities—given that the word neutral means impartial. This absolute midpoint exists only in the theoretical realm, and even so, cannot be comprehended by present-day human intelligence. To acknowledge neutral questions is to disregard the differences in opinion, culture, and environments of people. The following question arises then: How can we limit bias in the ways of knowing? Areas of knowledge, such as History and Mathematics, provide ample support for this statement.
Our account of history is subjective, and is dependent upon the language, memory, and sensory perceptions of select individuals; therefore historical inquiry is also subjective. Most history sources provide a small part of accessible information, but only a limited view of a whole. When I learned about World War I in class, and the controversial blame game, I was surprised at the wide spectrum of opinions. Some historians ascribed the outbreak of World War I to Austria Hungary, some on Britain, some on the United States, and many on Germany. I read many opinions, and found that all were clearly crafted, and made use of concrete details, yet did not offer a conclusive answer. The answer to the question- Who caused World War I?- was left to my personal preference. I conclu...

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...e, and will be lost in a cycle of preparation.
Overall, there is no such thing as a neutral question, or neutrality at all; there are positives and negatives to this. As illustrated through mathematics and history, the ways of knowing are can powerful influences in the way people understand everything around them. Whereas the straight-forward consistency of Mathematics is reliable, it can also limit freedom of expression. And though historical inquiry is both interesting and gratifying, it is not always accurate, and often a matter of personal preference. In the search to limit bias and dispel hidden assumptions, it is necessary to develop an awareness of the ways of knowing, the areas of knowledge, and the implications of these. Thus the knower is not given the task of creating a just world, but rather she is given the tools with which to interpret an unjust world.

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