Neutral versus Affective : The Range of Feelings Expressed Essays

Neutral versus Affective : The Range of Feelings Expressed Essays

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In neutral cultures, the propensity of the people is to manage their sentiments so that it will not hinder with their judgement.
Conceal what they are thinking or feeling.
Inhibited conduct is admired.
Statements are monotonic. In affective cultures, encourage to the expression of emotions.
Reveal thoughts & feelings verbally & in face.
Vibrant expressions are admired.
Statements are emotional, dramatic.
Achievement versus Ascription: ( How one achieves status)
Achievement Ascription
Respect for superior in hierarchy depends on his/his knowledge &skills.
Titles are used to reflect the competences of a person.
Decisions are confronted by anybody on technical & operational grounds.
Status is based on how well he/she performs his/her functions. Status depends on achievement. Respect for superior in hierarchy depends on the employees commitment to the organization.
Titles are used to reflect the influence of a person or his /her organisation.
Decisions are only challenged by people with higher authority.
Status is attributed based on who or what a person is, his age ,gender or social connections. Achievement is not the criterion to harmony status.

Time dimension-
Sequential versus Synchronic:

Sequential Synchronic
It has time as a series of passing events.
It has completion of each step.
Sequential culture, hate to be thrown off their schedule or agenda.
They are rude to be few minutes late.
Keep appointments strictly. It has idea about the future & memories of the past that shape present action.
It has interchangeable stepping out.
They believe in showing how they value people by giving them time.
Less adamant upon punctuality.
Time is viewed as rounded & indivisible, & relationships are more impo...

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