Neurosis And Human Growth : The Struggle Toward Self Realization Essay

Neurosis And Human Growth : The Struggle Toward Self Realization Essay

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Karen Horney writes from the book Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Toward Self-Realization starts with the notion that Neurosis starts in the environment, during childhood when the child endures an harsh and unstable environment. In order to deal with this hostile environment the child develops defense mechanisms which the child moves toward people, moves against people, and last the child moves away from people. At the same time the person develops a behavior where he or she creates an idealized image of his or her self. Meaning him or her personality and behavior are basic off of all kinds of attributes, talents and qualities. This is how individual mainly imagined how they should be, which he or her tries to live up to. The real self-withdraw into the unconscious or the “forgotten" self. I believe this usually happen when an individual does not deal with certain issues. The more the neurotic attempts to live up to his or her idealized self, the more difficulties and inner conflicts he or she faces, and the more he or she distance his or her real self. This creates all kinds of difficulties in the person 's personality and the ability to be in normal relationships. Along with these difficulties the person experiences depression and anxiety, among other symptoms. Horney exemplifies her theory of neurosis by the use of case works and literature to illustrate exactly what goes on in a person’s own mind. 

The concept of how we as human beings can be a little quite disturbing and realistic about how we review our self. We allowed our environment to shape and mode our behavior, attitudes and thought patterns. What happens when an individual’s environment has a child does not have balance in his or her life? Karen Horn...

... middle of paper ...

...reates a fantasy world where everything is not what it same but at some point in time fantasy has to stop and reality has to take over. And this is why I disagree with chapter 2 Neurotic claims.
The true reason for picking and read this book is to get a better understands of how good or bad environment can shape a child’s personality. The book takes a look at individuals who comes from a dis-functional environment and the effect of their personality that is effect by the dis-functional environment. The person effect by the dis-functional environment relocates with the real self and forms a fantasy world. My Goddaughter Jasmine which is eight years old has been thought a lot. She is diagnosed with ADHD. The behavior and the personality that she displayed drewed me to look into the book Karen Horney’s Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Toward Self-Realization.

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