Essay on Neuroscience And Social Work : How Do They Relate?

Essay on Neuroscience And Social Work : How Do They Relate?

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Neuroscience and Social Work
Neuroscience and social work how do they relate? For many people, when they hear the term social worker, they automatically think of child welfare and food stamps, yet no one thinks of a social worker being a psychiatrist or a counselor even though these are considered social work as well. This is how neuroscience and social work might be related. Social work is a practice-based occupation that promotes social adjustment, growth, and social structure. The main beliefs of social work are social integrity, civil liberties, combined responsibility and respect for diversities. There are many types of social workers, such as family services worker, psychiatrist, and many types of counselors.
Most people think that social work consists of the workers who process the applications at family services. Also, when people think of a social worker, they think of the people that go out and do home visits to check and make sure that a child is not in any danger or even to be sure that a home is suitable environment in which to place a foster child. Although social workers are so much more diverse and not just concentrated on this one area, even though it is the most well-known of social work, it is not the only filed.
Another field of social work is psychiatry even though many of us do not even know that it is considered social work. While many people associate psychiatry with psychotherapy, psychiatry is indeed a form of social work. Psychiatrists are physicians who major in the analysis and management of psychological disorders. Most psychiatrists nowadays offer an extensive range of genetic, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial treatments that are personalized to the precise requirements of each individ...

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...nd and offer a better treatment for the client, such as: therapy with the family if the person had a traumatic upbringing, a plan to change the persons daily routine because, if the addiction has become a habit, the daily routine just needs to be modified to begin the process of beating the addiction. By now, I have found many cases where neuroscience and social work go hand-in-hand, but I have also seen that about the only ones who refer to neuroscience studies are the psychiatrist. It would benefit all types of counselors to refer to the study of neuroscience and study how it may benefit the different cases that they have based on each independent case, because as you have read in this article all matters of the body are controlled by the one and only the brain. Therefore, no matter the behavior, the brain has something to do with it or is being affected by it.

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