The Neurology of Near Death Experiences Essay

The Neurology of Near Death Experiences Essay

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Approximately three percent of the population of the U.S has said they have, in fact experienced a near death experience or NDE. While being involved in a near death experience there are reports that consist of involving one or more of the following: having an awareness of being dead, having an out of body experiences, feelings of euphoria, seeing a tunnel of light, and meeting deceased people.
After experiencing this phenomenon, the near death survivor often reports a non-fear of death. They may experience feelings that death is not the end, but a new beginning in which one lives in euphoria and reunites with loved ones for eternity. Others may also have a different outlook on the experience. Where they focus more on how precious life is and, how they will not take for granted the time they have left on this earth. For example, instead of feelings of a new beginning after life, they believe that their near death experience was an awakening for their present life.
Research suggests that there is nothing paranormal about having a near death experience. Instead, researchers feel that these experiences are manifestations of normal brain functions gone wrong, during a traumatic or sometimes harmless event (Mobbs, D., & Watt, C. 2011). Research has shown that the main parts of the brain being affected during these events may be linked to malfunctions in the temporal lobe, and the basic arousal systems may be responsible for several of the components of the near death experience (Mobbs, D., & Watt, C. 2011).

Out of body experience
An out of body experience (OBEs) is described as by someone either standing above or floating above their own body. Some also describe it as the soul leaving the body and viewing from...

... middle of paper ...

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